IOOF SONORA Lodge #10 and Cemetery

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Faithfully serving our community since 1853. 

Like what you see, and wondering how you can help? There are several things you can do to be a part of something great. 

Join us! 

Every lodge could use new members. Contact us and tell us what you like to do. There is a place for everyone and their talent in the Sonora lodge! Be a part of history and join the Sonora Odd Fellows! 


Perhaps you've got a particular skill you'd like to lend for a select project, or maybe you've got a venue you're willing to loan, or just have some free time and would like to help out when you can. Go to our "Contact Us" page and ask to be added to our volunteer list! 


Donate to our Foundation!

If you are not interested in joining (we can't imagine why you wouldn't be!), but would still like to help, a donation to the Sonora Odd Fellows Foundation would be a welcome and much needed gift. Donations can be made on the Foundation's website at: 

Please use the secure form to make your donations, which will also give you the option to clarify the intent of your donation from the following two choices: 

Efforts to preserve and maintain our historic cemetery and education for the public about its history.  Entering "Cemetery" also includes donations (not tickets) to support events at the cemetery, including the Living History Tour. 

Lodge Mission:
​Efforts to support our community's current and former foster youth, sick, and the elderly.  Lodge Mission may also include sponsorship of (but not tickets to) lodge events, including the Burns Supper and the lodge tour. 

You may also enter the name of a specific event if you wish to sponsor, such as the Burns Supper or the Living History Tour. 

Please note that no goods or services can be received by the donor for the donation. 

We cannot thank you enough for your support! 


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