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Faithfully serving our community since 1853. 



 IOOF membership is open to men and women over the age of 16 years who demonstrate an interest in our  lodge's values of chivalry, camaraderie, honest work and community service.  Our meetings are once a month;  attendance at each and every meeting isn't required, but it is certainly encouraged! The majority of our  members find that they look forward to the meetings and to having some fun.  The Sonora Odd Fellows plan 2-3  events each year, and committees meet more often as required to facilitate those events.   

 Odd Fellowship is not a religion; we are a secular lodge.  Odd Fellowship strictly forbids any interference with  one's spiritual beliefs and/or political beliefs, directly or indirectly.  However, as part of our tradition, a bible is  present at every lodge meeting (though no readings are done from it), and some of our rituals call for prayer to  be recited by the lodge Chaplain, as belief in a Supreme Being used to be a requirement for membership.  No  such requirement exists now, and no member is expected to participate in the prayers read during rituals unless  he or she chooses to do so. 

 To become a member of Sonora Odd Fellows, contact us to attend a meeting and gain a sponsor to  membership! 

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Elected Officers 

Our 2018 elected officers are ready to meet you and tell you what you can gain by becoming an Odd Fellow!


                       Kurt Bryant, Noble Grand                                                             Laverne Maszk, Vice Grand   



                          Karen McGettigan, Secretary                                                            Craig Dambacher, Treasurer 

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